217 days into my Transformation Journey

After my REST day (where I decided to move the furniture in my living room and home office, but that’s not important) I was still not feeling 100%… not like I was sick, but more like I was just worn out. Like my muscles were still stiff and sore. Like I needed another day of recovery. So, I chose to have an active recovery day today. Today I had an easy, office work day where I sat at the computer for most of the time, sipped coffee and Shakeology, and caught up on foodie articles. (and if you haven’t seen some of the GMO stuff hitting the headlines, you really should take a look). After rocking my baby to sleep for her nap, I popped in my favorite yoga DVD, Dynamic Flow Yoga by Chalene Johnson. This DVD is part of the Chalean Extreme Upgrade, and if you haven’t scooped it up, you really should. This disc gets so much play, I am going to have to ask for a replacement soon!

Dynamic Flow Yoga is a nice transition between strength training and simply moving from pose to pose. Throughout the workout, you are able to easily move through one position to the next, as if each were a step to a dance. Now, I am no yogi, but I imagine that this is how yoga was intended to be. Smooth, like a dance whose steps you hold between each move. One where balance is the name of the game. Where proper alignment is learned and necessary. Where the moves can be difficult enough to strive toward, yet not so unattainable as to dissuade. Dynamic Flow Yoga is a balancing act with modifications that can be used so you don’t feel left behind if you can’t reach your toes to the ceiling and place your crown on the floor at the same time (yeah, I had that yoga class, ONCE. Never went back.)


So, P90X3 yoga is a bit too much for me right now… it is something I will work toward, but my injury last March was a big setback, and as I have said before, walking in a straight line takes focus. So I have been switching P90X3 Yoga with Dynamic Flow Yoga from the Chalean Extreme upgrade set for the past few weeks. Now, this workout is familiar to me… because it is an all-time favorite, I know it like a comfy pair of jeans, or weathered flip-flops. But the moves are not nearly as easy to perform as my memory feels they should be (I first went through the program before I was injured). However, I am making progress, and while it is easy to say, ‘It’s easier to walk from the car to the grocery store than it was before’ or ‘I don’t have as difficult of a time stepping over the dog in the walkway’, if is much more rewarding for me to realize that today, ‘I was able to hold the Warrior III pose on my left hip’!! Now, granted, the height on my back leg is not great, but it is off the ground!! 

The truth is, I get so frustrated with being unable to do things that I often won’t admit it to myself or anyone else. Relearning to walk, TWICE in the past 4 years has really tested my patience, and faith, and sanity, and self. It feels like it is taking FOREVER to heal, and I just want it done already. I don’t want to have to think about how long I will be out of the house and use that to determine what shoes I will wear. Certainly last July I was released from remedial physical therapy, but my injury is far from healed. It’s a task I am still working on, day by day.

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