30 Minute Workouts

We understand, sometimes you just don’t have an hour to dedicate to working out. Neither do I, most days. That is why I have compiled this list of 25-37 minute workout programs for you! There is a variety – some are focused on strength, and some are focused on cardio, but many are complete programs that will also offer a stretching workout such as pilates, yoga. If you need help finding your perfect match workout, please let me know so I can narrow your options – we have a LOT to choose from!

Many of these programs come as either a base package or a challenge pack. If you are unfamiliar with a team beach body challenge, please check this info out. (It includes a package discount, Shakeology, 1 month of meal planning club level membership, free shipping, and a handful of other freebies that just may make it worth your while.)

Chalene Extreme. It was the first one I completed after pregnancy and sciatic injury. She is a great trainer. Your boyfriend/husband/partner can do this also, since you choose your weights based on how heavy they are for YOU. If you are not familiar with working out at all, I would go with Chalean Extreme. I find Chalene amazing at knowing when I am doing a move wrong, or being sloppy and calling me out! I know it is a recorded DVD workout, but it just fits me. Video | Informational Program Page | Challenge Pack

P90X3. It came out in December. My husband and I started it in January and we are both at the end of the 2nd block (4 weeks each). He is losing belly and building arms and back. I am losing rib circumference as well as pant sizes and seeing change in my face, legs and arms as well. Video | Informational Program Page | Challenge Pack

21 Day FIX. I LOVE the workouts, they are so fast-paced (yet doable) that they are done before you know it. Each workout is 30 minutes, each move is 30 seconds to a minute long and it includes about 5 minutes of warm-up and cool down. I can really feel it in my abs and sides (yay!) and my butt. The portion control and meal planning is AMAZING (don’t be scared by the small tupperware – it’s really like measuring spoons, and ends up being A LOT of food)! Video | Informational Program Page | Challenge Pack

T25 Focus. This is almost ALL cardio, very fast paced, designed to keep your heart rate up and burn calories. I have done a couple of workouts from this program, but I haven’t completed the whole program yet. It is TOUGH, but if you can do it, it really will shed pounds. The high heart rate will be similar to jogging at a good pace for almost 30 minutes … there are ‘recovery’ moves between the intense ones, so like jumping vs pushups. To be fair, it IS listed as beginner/intermediate level, but I would list it more as intermediate/advanced. Video | Informational Program Page | Challenge Pack

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