42 Days Left: Do One More Rep

48 Days Left- Stop Eating Three Hours Before BedWhen I was doing P90X, one thing Tony said really resonated with me. And, no, it wasn’t “Don’t smash your face,” although that’s good advice. It was “Too many people stop way before they should.”

It’s true. If you’re really struggling to get that last rep up and you’re feeling totally hammered, stop. But, if you’re just tired, and want to quit, it’s your mind getting in the way of your results. You almost certainly have more left in the tank than you think, and those last reps are where the magic happens.

But, since you really don’t want to smash your face (or anything else), be mindful of what you’re lifting and where. As far as other types of injury risks, they aren’t likely. “Unless you lifting or pushing heavy weight (very rare in a Beachbody program) the chances of getting hurt are slim,” says Beachbody fitness guru Steve Edwards. “You body is already pre-fatigued, so you run out of energy in a ways that’s easy on the muscles and connective tissues.”

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