43 Days Left: Prepare Some Healthy Snacks

43 Days Left- Prepare Some Healthy SnacksDon’t get so hungry you get hungry. When the urge to snack strikes, be prepared with healthy snacks so you don’t go rogue and knock over a vending machine trying to score the last bag of peanut M&Ms. Keep fresh fruit on hand at all times and develop an arsenal of other go-to snacks like raw, unsalted nuts, homemade energy bars, and of course, Shakeology.

Here are some easy-to-prepare snacks that have less than 100 calories:

Popcorn: Munch on 2 cups of all-natural popcorn.
Nuts: A handful of 25 pistachios, 14 almonds, or 16 peanuts will provide the protein and fat your body needs.
Mini quesadilla: Melt 1 Tbsp. of cheddar onto 1 small corn tortilla. Top with shredded cabbage or diced tomato.
Strawberries and chocolate: Dip 4 or 5 strawberries into 2 squares or melted dark chocolate.
Jicama: Chop 1½ cups of jicama and add a splash of lemon juice and a pinch of salt for a tangy, refreshing treat.
Carrots with hummus: Crunch on 9 or 10 baby carrots with a side of 2 tablespoons of hummus.
Eggs with guacamole: Hard boil an egg and replace the yolk with 2 Tbsp. of guacamole.
Mediterranean tomato: Dice one medium tomato and top with 2 Tbsp. feta cheese and a pinch of salt.
Edamame: Boil or steam one-half cup of unshelled edamame with a pinch of salt for a fiber-rich snack.
Olives: For a salty snack, enjoy 9 kalamata olives.

Here are 20 more low-calorie snacks. On the go? Try these snacks that won’t leave a mess in your car.

Watch this video to hear Autumn Calabrese’s snacking secrets:

What are your favorite low-calorie snacks?


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