47 Days Left: Hold Plank for One More Minute Than You Did Yesterday

47 Days Left- Hold Plank for One More Minute Than You Did YesterdayWant a rock hard stomach and a strong core? Whether you practice holding a standard plank, a side plank, or the elbow plank, you’re on your way there. Now, you can’t spot reduce fat, but you can target and tone up specific muscles so when the fat burns off, you’re left with a sexy, toned core underneath.

If you’re holding a standard plank, here are some tips from expert Steve Edwards you’ll want to keep in mind so you get the best results.

– Keep your shoulders square above your wrists
– Tuck your hips under by contracting your abs
– Keep your neck long and relaxed
– Focus on something directly underneath you to keep you spine and neck neutral
– Keep your back flat (your body should be in a straight line)
– Stay up on your toes and keep your heels down, low, or flexed

Need some planking inspiration? Check out Tony Horton showing how to plank in all sorts of ways!

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