51 Days Left: Log Your Workout in the SuperGym

51 Days Left- Log Your Workout in the SuperGymUse our free SuperGym to schedule and track your workouts and you’ll have a record of all your hard work to keep you motivated on days when you feel like slacking off. It’s like giving yourself a gold star every day. You won’t want to break your streak of workouts!

But, don’t just take my word on it. Here’s what our Fitness Expert, Steve Edwards, says about the SuperGym:
Logging the stuff you’re doing is a very important part of training, especially in the beginning of a new program, cycle, or style of exercise that’s not something you’re used to. Not only does it keep you accountable, it allows you to look back and assess how things are going. The latter is very helpful for me and my crew when we’re trying to help people who aren’t getting the results they expect.

I can’t overstate the importance of accountability. People who train with others both get quicker results and are far less likely to quit their fitness regimen. This isn’t true across the board. We’re all wired differently and some of us do quite well on our own. But whenever numbers are kept, those who exercise with peers have a higher rate of success. Just think about how a group can help reinforce commitment when your motivation is down, or how just the thought that you can’t fill your log sheet up if you skip a work can be enough to keep you going. Each incident may be small, but those extra days you might have missed or exercises you might have skipped if someone wasn’t paying attention add up quickly. Workout buddies are huge. And if you don’t have any available, we’ve got Supergym, where you can log-in and find other people training 24/7. And it’s free, btw. You just need a TeamBeachbody account, which is also free.

It’s also great to have training logs. Most of mine were written on notepads and stuff and either stuffed away in boxes or lost. I wish we’d had all the electronic tool available today because it would be cool to look back on it. But even the act of recording data helps you remember things better. I can still visualize exactly numbers from some training log entries I made 30 years ago. Not only does this help you understand your body better when it comes to what works and doesn’t, it’s invaluable if you run into an issue and need to consult outside help. When I have a problem client it’s so much easier to correct their issue if I can dig into logs for both diet and exercise. I can change a situation from educated guessing to “this is your probably and this is how to fix it” with 100% certainty.

How do you stay accountable? Do you use the SuperGym? If not, why?

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