52 Days Left: Identify (And Avoid) Your Kryptonite

52 Days Left- Identify (And Avoid) Your KryptoniteWe’ve all got something that’s our Kyptonite, whether or not you were born with the name Kal-El. For me, it’s food that starts with the letter “C,” ends in “E,” and rhymes with “peas.” I can’t past walk the cheese counter without salivating over the bries and the blues. Or, the aged gouda with the crystals…or that one with the…see?

This is why I rarely buy cheese. Because, even though I know that one ounce of cheese (approximately the size of two dice) is 100 calories, if it’s in my house, I’m probably going to inhale that whole wedge in a night. Two, tops. It’s my weakness.

I’ll bet you have yours. So, today’s challenge is to figure out what that weakness is and avoid it, because even if you already tossed the “junk” food, you might still have those can’t-stop-at-just-one-serving foods in the house. So, whether that means putting it on the top shelf where you can’t see it staring at you every time you open the pantry, stashing it behind something in the fridge where it’s less visible, or just removing it from your home (or office, or car) altogether, take the necessary steps you need so it doesn’t continue to tempt you and make it harder for you to reach your fitness goals.

Simple swaps if a craving hits
If you’re having trouble fighting off an unhealthy craving, I love some of the ideas on this list from MindBodyGreen.

Here’s a few:

  •  Craving something bubbly like beer, soda, or champagne? Try kombucha, or sparkling water.
  • Craving something crunchy like chips or crackers? Try kale chips, or crisp veggies like carrots.
  • Craving something cold like ice cream? Try frozen grapes or bananas.

To understand your cravings, check out this article from expert Denis Faye.

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What’s your kryptonite? How do you avoid it? Tell us below!

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