50 Days Left: Write Down Five Things You Love to Do

50 Days Left- Write Down Five Things You Love to DoOne simple way to help yourself conquer your cravings – and this goes for any unhealthy craving from Oreos to cigarettes – is to make a short list of things you love to do or that you enjoy that could distract yourself from your craving. When you feel a craving strike, turn to that list and do something on it instead. Not only will you not experience the guilt you might feel after satisfying your craving, you’ll also feel good because you did something you enjoyed. It’s a true win-win.

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51 Days Left: Log Your Workout in the SuperGym

51 Days Left- Log Your Workout in the SuperGymUse our free SuperGym to schedule and track your workouts and you’ll have a record of all your hard work to keep you motivated on days when you feel like slacking off. It’s like giving yourself a gold star every day. You won’t want to break your streak of workouts!

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Day 291: Transformation Journey – Defying Limitations

defy your limitationsThis sounds about right. It is still hard for me to believe that this time last year I COULD NOT MOVE! Really. My physical therapist was slowly working to release a pinched sciatic nerve and just standing was difficult. She would work to manually MOVE the vertebras in my spinal column. It was so disheartening because I had recently made progress in my weight loss journey only to have it sabotaged by an inability to move. This was not some bad knee or busted ankle, this was right at my CORE. The part of your spine that determines if you can support your weight or even propel your leg forward. I sunk into depression and ate junky food like coke and chips (as well as my healthy food when someone would cook for me) and did not move. (Definitely not the best move for someone with #PCOS or pre #diabetes.)

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Day 285 Transformation Journey

weight loss progress pics -6.9% body fat, -23.5 in, -12lbs, 4+ sizesBecause I shared my 21 Day Fix program results yesterday, I felt it was only fair to share my journey results today. The images on the top are June 11, 2013. Day one of Les Mills Combat, after I was released from remedial physical therapy to begin exercising. This journey has involved a lot of dedication, especially as I saw the scale move down and then back UP again. It is only the pictures and the measurements (and my clothes falling off me) that inspires me to keep going. I’m slow, but I’m steady and I’m building muscle – much of which was lost when I pinched my sciatic nerve in March 2013. I’m happy to say I am at that point where I am consistently surprised at what my body can do now. It’s a good place to be!

Weightloss Stats:  -6.9% body fat, -23.5 in, -12lbs, 4+ sizes

Up next is the Brazil Butt Lift Summer Slimdown Challenge! I look forward to being swimsuit ready this year and rocking it by the end of the summer. Sometimes I WISH we could *target* the trouble areas, but weight loss and body toning just isn’t like that. Ibut if I could…. that nastiness around the middle where abs are supposed to be would be on the top of my list!

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Summer Slimdown with Brazil Butt Lift Starts April 28th 2014

baby got back becaue I work for it Every girl wants to ROCK her swimsuit come summer. No matter what our body shape or size, we can always find something we want to improve in some way for the perfect swimsuit worthy summer body. Starting April 28th (yes, little more than a week from today) I will be doing a Summer Slimdown Challenge group with Brazil Butt Lift / Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack. This is a program that I purchased just before I injured my hip, and have been anticipating completing. Now, I am ready to kick butt and take names – and have fun doing it! Just popping the DVDs in and listening to the Brazilian themed music is enough to assure me that I will enjoy every moment of torture that Leandro Carvalho delivers – and his sexy accent doesn’t hurt either! I just KNOW that I am going to LOVE to HATE this workout! My injury (and subsequent sitting on my bum bum) have caused me to have that all too familiar ‘sits on ass too much’ white girl booty. I’m so over it. Time to make it cute!

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PiYo Define Yourself

check out the video then be sure to sign up to be the FIRST to know when it goes on sale. Get an ultra lean and intensely defined physique without bulking up or straining your joints.Introducing PiYo, a high-intensity, low-impact workout for a new kind of STRONG.

Chalene Johnson took the very best Pilates and yoga-inspired moves and cranked up the speed to give you full throttle cardio, strength, and flexibility training—all at once. PiYo packs it ALL into each workout so you can build lean muscle mass—as you’re burning crazy calories.
Now you can carve every inch of your body.

How? You’ll use your body weight to perform a series of continuous, targeted moves, to burn fat as you redefine every single muscle. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.

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Did You Know You can Order BeachBody Products Internationally?

So – you want the new 21-Day FIX, P90X3, FOCUS T-25, or maybe even Chalene Extreme or TurboFire, but you do not live in the US or Canada. No problem! We can help you, but we want to make sure your information is safe, which will require a quick phone conversation! In order to maintain the highest level of security for your payment information and stay in compliance with US federal guidelines, we will need to place a phone call to you to receive your card number.

Just email the following information exactly as shown below to the email address international@beachbody.com :

-My Coach’s Name: Billie Anderson, ID 266663, email leighan.anderson [at] gmail [dot] com
-Billing Name:
-Complete Billing Address (Postal Code REQUIRED and Country):
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Food Babe, Dr Oz, Shakeology, Consumer Labs, and Consumer Reports

I know some of you have seen the article that FoodBabe released concerning the health of protein shakes in general that glosses over some questionable substances that one should look out for in ‘protein shakes’. While I am all for the Non-GMO project and love knowing that my products are Certified Organic, I also don’t mind doing a bit of research to find out what’s really going on.

If you are interested in knowing about companies who do include GMO food sources in their products, check out this link.

First off, the source that FoodBabe stated was this particular article by Consumer Reports. This article does not mention Shakeology at all, but to be fair, it does raise some questions about over-use of protein powder as well as unhealthy amounts of metals found in 3 servings of the stated protein drinks. (Do you even consume 3 servings of a protein drink per day? If so – go take a look at this report and make sure your protein drink is not listed.)  FYI, Shakeology … Continue reading

21 Day Fix | Dirty 30 Workout Preview

21 Day Fix | Dirty 30 Preview

Are you excited about the 21 Day Fix for it’s portion control and meal planning, but nervous about the workouts? This is a sneak peak of just ONE of the 7 various workouts you will get with this 21 day program!

If this video appeals to you, fill out the challenge application so that I can learn more about you AND we can get started! Support & Accountability groups are happening now!

217 days into my Transformation Journey

After my REST day (where I decided to move the furniture in my living room and home office, but that’s not important) I was still not feeling 100%… not like I was sick, but more like I was just worn out. Like my muscles were still stiff and sore. Like I needed another day of recovery. So, I chose to have an active recovery day today. Today I had an easy, office work day where I sat at the computer for most of the time, sipped coffee and Shakeology, and caught up on foodie articles. (and if you haven’t seen some of the GMO stuff hitting the headlines, you really should take a look). After rocking my baby to sleep for her nap, I popped in my favorite yoga DVD, Dynamic Flow Yoga by Chalene Johnson. This DVD is part of the Chalean Extreme Upgrade, and if you haven’t scooped it up, you really should. This disc gets so much play, I am going to have to ask for a replacement soon!

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