Day 305: Transformation Journey

The secret to getting ahead is getting startedToday starts DAY 1 for an entire group of people (32 participants!!) that have decided to take the FIRST step in choosing HEALTH! I can’t begin to express how overjoyed I am that my team continues to have this many people actively working toward their health and fitness goals! The beautiful thing is that there are participants of ALL fitness and health levels

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Food Babe, Dr Oz, Shakeology, Consumer Labs, and Consumer Reports

I know some of you have seen the article that FoodBabe released concerning the health of protein shakes in general that glosses over some questionable substances that one should look out for in ‘protein shakes’. While I am all for the Non-GMO project and love knowing that my products are Certified Organic, I also don’t mind doing a bit of research to find out what’s really going on.

If you are interested in knowing about companies who do include GMO food sources in their products, check out this link.

First off, the source that FoodBabe stated was this particular article by Consumer Reports. This article does not mention Shakeology at all, but to be fair, it does raise some questions about over-use of protein powder as well as unhealthy amounts of metals found in 3 servings of the stated protein drinks. (Do you even consume 3 servings of a protein drink per day? If so – go take a look at this report and make sure your protein drink is not listed.)  FYI, Shakeology … Continue reading