52 Days Left: Identify (And Avoid) Your Kryptonite

52 Days Left- Identify (And Avoid) Your KryptoniteWe’ve all got something that’s our Kyptonite, whether or not you were born with the name Kal-El. For me, it’s food that starts with the letter “C,” ends in “E,” and rhymes with “peas.” I can’t past walk the cheese counter without salivating over the bries and the blues. Or, the aged gouda with the crystals…or that one with the…see?

This is why I rarely buy cheese. Because, even though I know that one ounce of cheese (approximately the size of two dice) is 100 calories, if it’s in my house, I’m probably going to inhale that whole wedge in a night. Two, tops. It’s my weakness.

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53 Days Left: Talk a Walk During Lunch

53 Days Left- Talk a Walk During Lunch

Let’s be honest. Moving > not moving. But, if you’re like most Americans, you spend an average of 56 hours a week just sitting. In fact, hours probably go by without you having moved from your desk. Or the couch.

I didn’t believe it either, but then I spent a couple days wearing a Fitbit Flex and lo and behold, I noticed that if I didn’t make a concerted effort to get up and walk around, I would clock in less than 1000 steps before 3pm. Combine that with going out to dinner or binge-watching shows after work and that makes for not much movement. Even if I did my daily workout.

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54 Days Left: Stock Your Pantry for Success

54 Days Left- Stock Your Pantry for SuccessNow that you’ve cleared your pantry of all unhealthy things, it’s time to fill it with staples. Here are some of the staples we recommend:
• Nuts
• Salsa
• Whole grain bread and/or pasta
• Brown rice
• Lentils
• Canned beans
• Spices
• Olive oil

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55 Days Left: Throw Out the Junk Food

55 Days Left- Throw Out the Junk FoodYou heard us right. Your challenge today is to empty your desk, cupboards, fridge, freezer, car, and secret snack stash drawer of foods and drinks you shouldn’t be eating. If you want to reach your fitness goal by summer, prevent temptation by removing all junk food from your house. If the packaged foods are unopened, donate them. Read the labels, if a food has un-pronounceable additives or anything ending in -ose (that’s sugar), it goes.

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56 Days Left: Do Jumping Jacks During TV Commercials

56 Days Left- Do Jumping Jacks During TV CommercialsInstead of fast-forwarding through TV commercials, use them as an opportunity to get your heart pumping and burn calories! Get off the couch and do a speed round. Focus on perfect form, drive the balls of your feet into the floor and spring back up touching your fingertips together at the top of each jump to get your shoulder muscles in on the action. Doing this at full-bore intensity, a 150 pound person can burn up to 150 calories during the commercials in one episode of Scandal. Make this a habit, and you’ll see real results.

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57 Days Left: Why keep a food diary?

57 Days Left- Keep a Food DiaryKeeping a food diary isn’t just an effective way to keep track of the number of calories that you eat everyday, it’s a proven weight loss tool. Study after study has shown those who log what they eat and drink lose more weight than those who don’t.

You don’t have to do this by hand. There are plenty of apps and online tools – including MyFitnessPal and SparkPeople – to help you do this. For the next week, record everything you eat and drink, including the oil you cook with and the creamer you add to your coffee. Pay close attention to portion sizes to get an accurate calorie count. Now that you know how many calories you should be eating, you’ll know if you’re undereating or overeating and by how much.

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58 Days Left: How many calories should I be eating?

58 Days Left- Figure Out How Many Calories You Should EatWe’re often asked “How many calories should I be eating?” Between RMR and BMR and net calories and total calories and deficits it can all be a little overwhelming and confusing. We know. Here’s how to quickly figure out how many calories you should be eating.

Sedentary: You work in an office or at home and sit for most of the day. Current weight in pounds x 12 = Calories needed to maintain weight.

Moderately Active: You walk or are on your feet for most of the day (i.e server in a restaurant) or are doing one of our entry level programs. Current weight in pounds x 13 = Calories needed to maintain weight.

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59 Days Left: Tips on Taking Before and After Pictures

59 Days Left- Snap a SelfieTake a photo of how your body looks now to motivate you to make healthier meal choices and push harder in your workouts for the next 60 days. You may not notice the changes from day to day and the scale doesn’t always tell the truth, but as you exercise, hydrate, sleep, and eat clean, you’ll get closer to being swimsuit ready! Go ahead, put on your best mirror face and snap a selfie.

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