Day 256 of My Transformation Journey | 90 Days with P90X3

P90X3-Transformation-Day-195-256Christmas 2013. Sigh the holidays; it’s that time of year when we give in to social pressure and eat too much seasonal, not-so-great-for-you food. That time of year when we loosen our belts and kick back and enjoy a few too many sweets, washed down with a few too many drinks. I should know by now what the pattern is, but somehow I fall into every year -and I am certain that many of you do too. Despite my Les Mills Combat and subsequent Chalene Extreme transformations in the later half of 2013, by the time January hit I felt FAT and DEPRESSED all over again. If I put my after picture for CLX (Mid Dec) and my before pic for P90x3 (Jan 1) side by side, you wouldn’t believe the chronology. Please SOMEONE stop me this holiday season. I digress.

By the time the end of December rolled around, I was having trouble moving again, I was back to popping pain pills, alternating ice and heat for my hip and back, having a hard time getting up off the couch or up the stairs. My husband half thought I was crazy when I told him I wanted to do P90X3. That’s hardcore he said. That’s for athletes that mean business, and we weren’t there is what he implied. I told him he could do Combat again, but that I was doing P90X3. And I did. When it arrived, I pulled it out of its plastic wrap like a kid; this was MY Christmas gift to myself. The gift of FITNESS, the gift of LIFE, the gift of MOBILITY, and the gift of living WITHOUT PAIN.

P90X3-90-days-Transformation-billie-anderson-jan-1-apr-7Day 1, I slid that Total Synergistics DVD into the player and watched it as I laced up, had my E&E for that bit of extra UMPH, and stared with my jaw open just a little. Catching flies, my Grandmother would say. Yup, Tony Horton knows how to PUSH you, he knows fitness…and yet, he DOESN’T ask you to do anything that you are truly INCAPABLE of doing – only that you haven’t figured out how to accomplish YET! I backed up the DVD and turned on my HRM (Heart Rate Monitor), before I chickened out; certain I’d lost my mind but I was hellbent on SUCCESS. It was this or fail and remain fat, unhappy, and in pain. Failure by default was not an option!P90X3-90-days-Transformation-billie-anderson-stats


P90X3-90-days-Transformation-billie-anderson-backP90X3-90-days-Transformation-billie-anderson-left P90X3-90-days-Transformation-billie-anderson-right

Throughout the 90 days of P90X3, I missed days, I followed the modifier, I didn’t jump as high as I could for fear of the landing on my bad hip, I did pushups on my knees, I paused the DVD player and cursed Tony’s name, and I learned to hold a plank for about 30 seconds, I stopped walking with a limp, I strengthened my body enough to stand on my left leg to balance, I conquered mountain pose, I stopped taking pain pills – even Advil! AND the amount of BETTER I felt was indescribable.

Exercise, feeling better from the inside out, and seeing yourself change on the outside is so PERSONALLY rewarding! All in all, I dropped 4.5lbs, lost 6.5 inches (and gained .5 an inch in my bust) but the largest milestone was losing a whopping 4.5% BODYFAT! Hello 90 days with Tony Horton and P90X3, I will certainly visit you again, my friend! We have a date later this year!

If this sounds like results you want, message me; I run regular support groups to help people just like me and you get in shape and feel better about their body, their self, and their health. New fitness support groups are forming EVERY month, and you can ALWAYS choose the program that meets your needs, regardless of the ‘special’.

It’s all about you; don’t you want to write your AFTER or even your IN PROGRESS story? I’m still going, I’m not to my after body yet, but I am WELL on my way! Contact me to find out how you can get the support you need to the perfect fitness training for YOU!


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