Day 291: Transformation Journey – Defying Limitations

defy your limitationsThis sounds about right. It is still hard for me to believe that this time last year I COULD NOT MOVE! Really. My physical therapist was slowly working to release a pinched sciatic nerve and just standing was difficult. She would work to manually MOVE the vertebras in my spinal column. It was so disheartening because I had recently made progress in my weight loss journey only to have it sabotaged by an inability to move. This was not some bad knee or busted ankle, this was right at my CORE. The part of your spine that determines if you can support your weight or even propel your leg forward. I sunk into depression and ate junky food like coke and chips (as well as my healthy food when someone would cook for me) and did not move. (Definitely not the best move for someone with #PCOS or pre #diabetes.)

It was an effort to walk to the bathroom, even medicated to the hilt on pain killers and muscle relaxers. All that lovely weight I lost, and all those beautiful muscles I built the summer before with Chalene Johnson were reversing. I put it all back on and propelled myself to near my 2nd pregnancy weight. Certainly over my first pregnancy weight. I am so glad I chose to take control of my situation. I had had ENOUGH! I am so glad determination is a character trait for me. I called on it as I worked with the therapist to heal my body, and I bought a beachbody program (Les Mills Combat) and Shakeology® from my coach Lynda Suttles and showed up every day. I pushed play – even when I didn’t want to, and I focused on repairing my nutrition and my body.

It has been a long journey, but I FINALLY feel like I have made it most of the way. Yesterday I ran 2.5 miles before I had to stop for water or a breath and made it a total of 5 miles. I recently realized that I don’t have ‘wings’ on my upper arms anymore – they are solid thanks to Autumn Calabrese & 21 Day Fix.  With ChaLEAN Extreme®, I repaired a huge chunk of muscle in my hip / bum that atrophied because of the pinched sciatic nerve. Tony Horton and P90X3 helped me gain more balance and hip strength, and even tighten up a bit of my core and reduce my rib cage measurement.

Looking Ahead

Now I look forward to running a 5K (still thinking about Never Quit) and getting Piyo certified & teaching here in Jacksonville (come June or July). Brazil Butt Lift starts Monday… I’m working on core strength and hoping to find my abs sometime soon. (Hello c-section; LOVE the baby, hate the cut muscles). I am eternally grateful to those that have supported me in my journey this far; be it in the cheering section, or in joining me in my crazy healthy food endeavors and listening to me talk about this new passion I have. Thanks.

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