Day 305: Transformation Journey

The secret to getting ahead is getting startedToday starts DAY 1 for an entire group of people (32 participants!!) that have decided to take the FIRST step in choosing HEALTH! I can’t begin to express how overjoyed I am that my team continues to have this many people actively working toward their health and fitness goals! The beautiful thing is that there are participants of ALL fitness and health levels in this group – those that are working on toning up a bit of flab and those that have a hundred lbs to drop. Those that are just beginning to exercise for the first time in their lives, those that eat healthy but need a little portion control, and those that wouldn’t know what clean eating was if they had a dictionary – not to worry, though because we are ALL there to support and hand hold and PUSH one another to reach our individual GOALS with NO JUDGEMENT – only LOVE! We have a GAME plan that was DESIGNED to create AMAZING transformations… and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Day-305-Extreme-Core-Hybrid-Accountability-Pic-In my OWN transformation, I have FINALLY reached that place where EVERY strength workout I do is changing my body! It’s like I can see the muscles being defined! I must have hit that special place where body fat percentage is optimal! My nutrition is totally under control thanks to what I have learned from 21 Day Fix Eating Plan, YPPC & Shakeology. The bad news is that my core is still WOEFULLY flabby… not really FAT, just FLAB. I know the overwhelming consensus is that you can’t SPOT train any one part of your body, but since my circumstance is a little more than ‘I just let myself go’, some EXTRA attention to those trouble spots MIGHT be exactly what I need!

Today starts my day of CRAZY CORE training. Since I have built up quite an arsenal of workout programs at this point, I am going to pull the parts that I need from each of them to achieve my personal fitness goals. I plan on focusing on CORE, but getting a fair amount of overall strength and cardio in there as well. I will be rotating through workouts.

Here’s what I am thinking:

Chalean Extreme ab burner, I’ve got abs, Extreme Core, LMC Core Attack 17, TF abs 10, Fix for abs, BBL Tummy Tuck

Cardio + Weights:
21 Day Fix Upper, Lower, and Dirty 30, BBL Sculpt

Les Mills COMBAT 30, TurboFire Starter, Low HIIT 20, Fire 55 EZ OR Saturday Beach Runs

Chalean Extreme circuit training of choice (rotating, of course)

I am waiting on a reshipment of Chalean Extreme Deluxe Upgrade (because it has DELICIOUS core workouts in it) I plan on using the CLXDU as my MAIN program, but adding in a bit of TurboFire Starter so I can relearn the moves for my new Free Fitness Club and a bit of BBL and 21 Day Fix to keep up with my challengers!

This is what I’m thinking the calendar will look like. It’s subject to change as I work through it and I have NO INTENTIONS of BOTH running & TF 55 EZ on Saturdays – that’s an either or situation! 🙂 If you are trying to do this along with me, please ignore my specialty items like my Never Quit Beach 5K and PiYo Certification and just follow the workout from the previous or following week!


May Core Strength Workout program Hybrid

June Core Strength Workout program Hybrid


July Core Strength Workout program Hybrid

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