Diabetic, prediabetic, or PCOS

And so my Journey Begins.

I understand that this is a real touchy subject that bit everyone is comfortable talking about in the open. Certainly, there are very few that know how these diseases have affected my life. I tend to be a private person, but I think it is important that people that have been affected by diabetes, pre-diabetes or PCOS reach the understanding that they don’t have to be hindered by it.

Now, let me preface this by saying, I am not a doctor, and I’m not sure that insulin dependent diabetic patients would be able to be free of insulin – but it is possible that the insulin dose may be able to be reduced. Certainly, the lifestyle could be greatly improved. I was never insulin dependent, what I was was insulin resistant. Yup. You read that right. Was. As in past tense.

In 2003, my first child was born after several years (since, lets just say 1999) of having sex with my partner. It took me 4+ years to successfully conceive and carry to full term. In 2005, my OBGYN officially diagnosed me as infertile, and sent me for about a dozen tests and scans that involved dimly lit rooms and sharp pointy objects.  The diagnosis?  PCOS. Followed by terms such as insulin resistant and pre-diabetic. I was placed on medications and told to lose weight, eat better, exercise.

At this point, I was hovering around 134-140, which was not unreasonable for my 5’6″ frame. Exercise and eat healthy, they had said. I didn’t do fried foods, couldn’t afford fast food. I ate eggs, rice, beans, ramen, & frozen veggies.  Occasionally, there was salad, dairy or cheerios.

I had previously been medically advised against running (by military doctors at Ft. Shafter) due to a very bad case of plantar fasciitis that left me unable to stand for over a week. Running was my first love. Before the military. Before my first yoga class. Before I discovered roller skating, before mountain biking, before Zumba, and before circuit training. I didn’t know there was another option for chicks that was enjoyable and that would help me lose weight and keep in shape. I didn’t realize that I needed to build muscle.  I didn’t know that muscle is what converts body fat to fuel for the body to use. I had to let my body go a few more years before I finally had enough.

In 2010, I started my transformation journey, which you can read about here.

And so my Journey Begins. Again.

In March 2013, I pinched a sciatic nerve in my lower lumbar. That left me unable to support my own weight. I was couch bound for weeks on end. I tried to continue to eat healthy, but when you can’t move and you stare at the same 4 walls and the same mess growing around you, that you can’t do anything about, you get depressed. And you eat junk. Really bad, gross junk that actually starts to taste good. After 3 months of being helped out to the car and painfully driven to the physical therapist’s office for remedial therapy I was finally released to begin working out on my own again. I was finally able to climb stairs, I was finally able to go to the store and lift the 35 lb bag of dog food, or pick up my 30 lb daughter. And I was 40 lbs heavier than I was the week I was injured. It took me 3 months to gain 40 lbs.

My hip was still not strong. I was missing 4 inches worth of muscle from my hip and one and a half from my calf muscle. Those muscled had atrophied in the time it took me to get the appointment to be seen by my physical therapist. Mere days. I went on vacation, and when I got back I purchased Les Mills Combat and completed the program modified. I was not good at it. I didn’t jump. I had no balance. I was not fast. It was hard. I poured buckets of sweat. And I completed the program. I lost 6.4 lbs and 15.5 inches in those 60 days.

I followed Les Mills Combat with Chalene Extreme, my first love… and she helped me add 1.5 inches back to my hip. I ended up losing only 1.8 lbs, but also lost 2 inches from my core, and added an inch of muscle to my thighs and reduced my body fat percentage by 1. I managed to do all of this THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS, so I am exceedingly pleased with these results. Sure, I would have liked them to be more dramatic on paper, but the reality is that I had a lot going on with prepping the house for the holidays, and I missed a few workouts here and there…. but what I really gained was strength to walk around without limping for at least part of the day.

Today, I am still working on my journey. I am down a total of 25 lbs, but I still have another 25 or so to go. I am currently working on the final Phase of P90X3, Doing 21 Day Fix, walking my treadmill to continue to build up my hip and calf muscle, running with my dog on the beach on the weekends, eating clean, low carb, high fat & protein, paleo- inspired and doing my best to meet and even exceed my goals. I now run accountability and support groups for people like me who are looking to find their inner fit and healthy person. If I can help you, or even if you just have a question, please contact me – you should be able to find me on facebook (via the links here on my site) or you can use the contact forms on this site. I believe in sharing knowledge and love!

Be blessed, my friends and stay beautiful!

Billie Anderson

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