Fitness & Training FAQ’s

When you do doubles on a fairly regular basis, how do you do them? I like to work out first thing in the morning, but doing back-to-back workouts is a little too much for me right now. Just curious how they typically fit in your schedule and also if there is a”Best” way of doing doubles.

I think it depends on the workout for me. If it is something like yoga and cardio or strength, I can do them back to back. However, if it is 2 cardio or a mix of cardio and strength, I sometimes have to take a snack or shakeology break in between, then get back to it. IF that doesn’t work for your schedule, it is fine to split it up. I think the most important part to committing to a doubles schedule is to get it done with enough energy to make it count, and it has to work with your schedule. If you struggle through the 2nd workout, change when you do it. PS. for EARLY stuff, I do the mindless one first, the familiar or the yoga that is gentle – then I follow with the tougher thing. If I do the tough first, I find it hard to do the mindless after because I am too worn out! HTH!

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