DAY 42 of P90X3 Classic, Feb 9, 2014

DAY 42 of P90X3 Classicone more workout stronger than yesterday, thanks P90X3!

X3 Dynamix was so much harder today! I think my muscles were too stiff from the cold weather. I’m sure that means I really needed to do it. My abs and core are starting to feel a little more solid. I love my little girl, but her 10.5 lb self sure did stretch the heck out of me! And the sciatic nerve being pinched last March didn’t help either. Working my way towards greatness, one workout at a time!


Oscar, my Boxer Staffie babyI’m trying to get to the movies with my kids today, but I am going to grab a shake and hit the treadmill for a little walking/slow jogging while I am still in my workout clothes! The treadmill is my least favorite part … Continue reading

Horse Down, Dog Wins, Girl Sad


So, every month I go to the tractor supply store to get a big bag if dogfood ….it is less expensive than Petsmart and I can by their store brand that is corn free and soy free which makes for happier doggy bellies and skin. Well, also the this store is a sales display of horse figurines and other animals. ..which my 3 year-old daughter is in LOVE with. It’s such a simple thing that makes her happy so I let her choose one. Unfortunately, our dog, Oscar also likes them. She left the poor horse sitting on the floor and in the hustle of getting dinner on the table it was forgotten – by everyone but Oscar!