47 Days Left: Hold Plank for One More Minute Than You Did Yesterday

47 Days Left- Hold Plank for One More Minute Than You Did YesterdayWant a rock hard stomach and a strong core? Whether you practice holding a standard plank, a side plank, or the elbow plank, you’re on your way there. Now, you can’t spot reduce fat, but you can target and tone up specific muscles so when the fat burns off, you’re left with a sexy, toned core underneath.

If you’re holding a standard plank, here are some tips from expert Steve Edwards you’ll want to keep in mind so you get the best results.

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58 Days Left: How many calories should I be eating?

58 Days Left- Figure Out How Many Calories You Should EatWe’re often asked “How many calories should I be eating?” Between RMR and BMR and net calories and total calories and deficits it can all be a little overwhelming and confusing. We know. Here’s how to quickly figure out how many calories you should be eating.

Sedentary: You work in an office or at home and sit for most of the day. Current weight in pounds x 12 = Calories needed to maintain weight.

Moderately Active: You walk or are on your feet for most of the day (i.e server in a restaurant) or are doing one of our entry level programs. Current weight in pounds x 13 = Calories needed to maintain weight.

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59 Days Left: Tips on Taking Before and After Pictures

59 Days Left- Snap a SelfieTake a photo of how your body looks now to motivate you to make healthier meal choices and push harder in your workouts for the next 60 days. You may not notice the changes from day to day and the scale doesn’t always tell the truth, but as you exercise, hydrate, sleep, and eat clean, you’ll get closer to being swimsuit ready! Go ahead, put on your best mirror face and snap a selfie.

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