30 Tasty Snacks That Are 100 Calories or Less

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated or boring! Here are 30 easy-to-prepare snacks, each under 100 calories, that will keep your tastebuds happy.
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Yummy Buttery French Toast Style Pancakes but Low Carb!

kid-approved-low-carb-pancakesIf you are one of the ones that has been looking in my meal tracker (myfitnesspal) and wondering what the recipe is for this phenomenal low-carb (but still yummy) pancake, you are in luck! I have to say, I have been on the search for a long time for a pancake that I can eat without feeling sick afterward and this one fits the bill!! It even passed the kid test; their pancakes were buttered up and gone before I could get mine in the frying pan, or even bother to ask if they wanted any bacon or eggs! Yup. Kid-approved low carb pancakes! I did it, done it!! (If you get that reference, we need to be friends.)

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The Poison Sugar

Did you know that sugar is hidden is just about ALL pre-packaged foods? It’s true; you have to become a sleuth to find the hidden sugar in your food! As a woman with PCOS and insulin resistance, I avoided table sugar for years (except one spoon in my coffee and the occasional holiday goodies, come on!) but couldn’t figure out why I just couldn’t get my symptoms under control, even with working out and hosting fitness and health groups on a regular basis. It’s because sugar – or some form of it- is in almost everything we buy from the grocery store!

The only sugar substitute that is thought to be safe right now is Stevia – it is completely natural – so natural that you can grow the plant and extract the sweetness yourself if you so desire. With Stevia, a little goes a long way, and it can quickly go from sweet to bitter aftertaste – keep it light and enjoy it’s mild flavor as an accent to … Continue reading

Why Should We Cook More Meals at Home?

Takeaway: Special occasion foods should not be consumed every day. What is a special occasion food? Those that take an annoying amount of time to make. Cakes, breads, fried foods … the things modern society is accustomed to eating every day. Gee, I wonder why we are all sick and fat? http://www.upworthy.com/if-you-needed-a-better-reason-to-start-cooking-more-meals-at-home-heres-one-for-you

My Thoughts on The Biggest Loser

*sigh* Reality TV is not that real. I think I have watched approximately ONE episode of The Biggest Loser – and maybe not even the whole thing; I was quite disgusted, my jaw was hanging open in disbelief and my husband had to turn it off for me. Getting and being healthy and losing weight does not look like this show portrays it to be. Health is a real, private issue that we need SUPPORT to achieve, not shaming. Not ‘weight loss at all costs’ kind of attitude. Just focus on being HEALTHY, people. Don’t starve yourself. Don’t dehydrate yourself. Don’t train for hours and hours a day without providing your body with the high quality nutritional FOOD and SLEEP your body needs to make and keep you healthy. And if your body REALLY needs a break, take a rest day! One day of eating MORE than you expend is not going to be a setback. In fact, it may help you reach your goals.

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Save $ and TIME With Bulk Shopping Online

Okay, let’s be real. I hate shopping. Really. I know, you just took away my Girl™ card. Whatever – I just can’t get into it. Even more than shopping for things I actually want (sigh, did someone say Apple® Store or Best Buy®….drool) I REALLY don’t like grocery shopping. It’s a chore. An utter mess designed to make me want to pull my hair out and turn me into a disheveled, red-eyed, snapping monster – regardless of the time of day I go. Sure, grocery shopping at 10 am is FAR better than and 3:45 pm or 5:30 pm … or well any time after that, but it still isn’t that great.

Warehouse Shopping

So aside from having to go shopping, you think, “Self, I am going to BULK shop – THAT’S how I’m going to SAVE MONEY and TIME!!!” So then you go get a membership or a trial membership to one of the big bulk stores.  So you walk around the warehouse atmosphere in awe, and grab a few things to put in your cart. … Continue reading