Lazy Sunday, No Workout – Tomorrow Will Be Better!

Didn’t workout today. I’m LOVING the 21 Day Fix workouts, but feel that the food plan falls short of mentioning what to do if you are insulin resistant and controlling your symptoms with food. Maybe it assumes that you already know how to do that if that is your case… I feel that it is missing. 2 days worth of small amounts of carbs and not enough fats and I need a carb cleanse!

Right now, I am just focusing on straightening things back out, and then I will figure out how to modify the plan to work for those of us with metabolic issues. 21 day fix is a great program that makes portion control easy … it is just missing a little blurb about how to modify for insulin resistance or diabetes. Since these are BIG issues, I feel BB dropped the ball on this one, and I hope they do something about it in … Continue reading

Running Progress, Healthy Eating Books, Portion Control Program, Meal Planning Worksheet, & Jordan Davis

Valentine’s Day Weekend

This weekend was a lot of hustle and bustle for me, so apologies for not being on more. Friday ended with a sweet Valentine’s surprise of handmade chocolate covered strawberries and wine as well as some yummy Boston’s gluten-free pizza and Florentine salad. This weekend ramped up in intensity on Saturday morning with a little sciatica running progress, learning to eat cleaner and healthier for me, gaining a better understanding of portion control, designing meal planning worksheets, and receiving heart-breaking news. Whew!

The Journey

I met up with a group for a run here in Jacksonville on the beach. I think it was about 3 miles, but the real victory for me was that I was able to run for a full 20 minutes at a GOOD speed, without stopping, slowing down, stumbling or mis-stepping or feeling like I might lose my balance! PROGRESS!!

Book Love

I went to a local bookstore to purchase Trim Healthy Mama (which they didn’t carry … Continue reading