Running Progress, Healthy Eating Books, Portion Control Program, Meal Planning Worksheet, & Jordan Davis

Valentine’s Day Weekend

This weekend was a lot of hustle and bustle for me, so apologies for not being on more. Friday ended with a sweet Valentine’s surprise of handmade chocolate covered strawberries and wine as well as some yummy Boston’s gluten-free pizza and Florentine salad. This weekend ramped up in intensity on Saturday morning with a little sciatica running progress, learning to eat cleaner and healthier for me, gaining a better understanding of portion control, designing meal planning worksheets, and receiving heart-breaking news. Whew!

The Journey

I met up with a group for a run here in Jacksonville on the beach. I think it was about 3 miles, but the real victory for me was that I was able to run for a full 20 minutes at a GOOD speed, without stopping, slowing down, stumbling or mis-stepping or feeling like I might lose my balance! PROGRESS!!

Book Love

I went to a local bookstore to purchase Trim Healthy Mama (which they didn’t carry … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Jordan Davis

I continue to attempt to find the words to ease the pain, or make sense out of this boy’s senseless death. There are none. Perhaps it is that this pain SHOULD be felt. This boy was no different than I am. Than I was, than I have been, or that I see my children being. I hung out with my friends. I played my music too loud. I made pit stops at the gas station for snacks. I was a good kid. I got good grades. I was prepped to go to college. I would not have backed down to a bully, sometimes even regardless of their apparent superior age or rage issues. This is who Jordan was. A good kid, having fun with his friends, who refused to be bullied, and had his life taken from him as a result.

The scary part is that I can easily, despite my worst fears and best mothering, see my own child in this same situation – and that truly frightens me. My child is extremely smart, very … Continue reading

Stand Your Ground Laws

If you have a moment, please take the time to sign an important petition. Take the time to read about it, and understand that it is not trying to limit your right to OWN a gun, only to govern that you do not have the right to shoot an unarmed child in the back of a car who plays his music too loud at a gas station and call it ‘afraid for your life’.

Lucy-with-JordanThose of you that know me, also know that I am NOT AGAINST guns. Hello – x-Army here…. What I am against, is killing children over loud music at a convenience store, or a father shooting his 2 month old child because he didn’t realize that there is an extra bullet in the chamber, or the child that shot his sister because the gun was not put away properly by the adult. What do I want? Awareness that guns are not toys, and they are not an excuse to … Continue reading