Day 256 of My Transformation Journey | 90 Days with P90X3

P90X3-Transformation-Day-195-256Day 1, I slid that Total Synergistics DVD into the player and watched it as I laced up, had my E&E for that bit of extra UMPH, and stared with my jaw open just a little. Catching flies, my Grandmother would say. Yup, Tony Horton knows how to PUSH you, he knows fitness…and yet, he DOESN’T ask you to do anything that you are truly INCAPABLE of doing – only that you haven’t figured out how to accomplish YET! I backed up the DVD and turned on my HRM (Heart Rate Monitor), before I chickened out; certain I’d lost my mind but I was hellbent on SUCCESS. It was this or fail and remain fat, unhappy, and in pain. Failure by default was not an option!

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