Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and Stop Starving Your Body!

One of the big questions is what and how much to eat when doing an intense, muscle building program like Chalean ExtremeLes Mills Pump, or even Body Beast. This is very important, because if you do not eat enough, or you don’t give your body enough protein, it will begin to break down your MUSCLE to use as fuel!!! I’m no sooth-sayer, but my thought is that if you’re taking the time and spending your energies on an intense fat loss, muscle-building workout program, then chances are you aren’t in it to loose muscle. Follow the instructions below to set up your eating plan to help your body burn fat, build muscle and increase your metabolism naturally when you do combined strength-training and cardio workouts!

Find Out More About Yourself

These are two varying  methods to find your BMR Basic Metabolic Rate and TDEE Total Daily Energy Expenditure. If you are already very fit, I believe the first method works well. If you are just beginning your fitness journey or … Continue reading

Stop Being Counter-Productive!

fitness tip, fuel your body, process sugarDid you know that cinnamon naturally helps your body burn sugar? If you have a hard time converting sugar to fuel, or you need a little pre-workout pick-up without adding a sugary drink, take a couple of cinnamon capsules with some water. You might belch cinnamon, but it is far better than killing your workout efforts before they start with 12 oz or more of sugar!