Food Babe, Dr Oz, Shakeology, Consumer Labs, and Consumer Reports

I know some of you have seen the article that FoodBabe released concerning the health of protein shakes in general that glosses over some questionable substances that one should look out for in ‘protein shakes’. While I am all for the Non-GMO project and love knowing that my products are Certified Organic, I also don’t mind doing a bit of research to find out what’s really going on.

If you are interested in knowing about companies who do include GMO food sources in their products, check out this link.

First off, the source that FoodBabe stated was this particular article by Consumer Reports. This article does not mention Shakeology at all, but to be fair, it does raise some questions about over-use of protein powder as well as unhealthy amounts of metals found in 3 servings of the stated protein drinks. (Do you even consume 3 servings of a protein drink per day? If so – go take a look at this report and make sure your protein drink is not listed.)  FYI, Shakeology … Continue reading

How Healthy is YOUR Coffee Habit?

Those of you that know me, know that I am dedicated to my coffee. In my effort to be healthier, to eat cleaner, and feel better I have stumbled upon a way to be healthy and feed my coffee AND chocolate addiction! The best part? It can easily double as my morning meal for convenience or when I need to get out the door quickly (or because I’m lazy and don’t feel like cooking 3 eggs, a handful of kale and a bit of salsa with a side of sweet potatoes)!

Healthy Coffee Habit

As a meal, it comes to 295 calories:

protein 29
carbs 35
fat 2
sugar 24
fiber 6

If I ditch the 1.5 cups of fat free milk and use water instead, the nutrition looks more like this:

160 calories
protein 17
carbs 17
fat 2
sugar 6
fiber 6


1 Scoop … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Protein Balls

These are THE BOMB! Use as pre-workout or to satisfy your PB craving, or to replace your addiction to protein bars with an all-natural, low sugar, homemade option. And kids love them too!

Mix all ingredients in large bowl:
1⃣1 cup Just Great Stuff powdered PB (or PB2. Both avail at
2⃣1/2 cup all-natural Peanut Butter
3⃣1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce
4⃣6 packets Stevia
5⃣1 scoop superfood Vanilla Shakeology
6⃣1 cup dry oatmeal

Mix well. Form into golf-ball sized bites. Freeze for 1-2 hrs & keep frozen. When you want one, let it stand for 30 seconds to thaw a little Makes ~12-15. They’re ~80-100 calories each & ~8g protein.