21 Day Fix – 1 Week Results

Well, even if *I* am not having the best results, (damn you, insulin resistance) the participants in my challenge group are!! This 21 Day Fix challenge group is kicking ass and taking names! I am so proud of everyone in it, pleased with how easy it is (even my hubby, Steve Anderson Jr is actively following the meal plan!!) I’m LOVING the AMAZING results everyone is having.

Challengers are reporting between 4 and 8 lbs lost in one week – and NO ONE is starving! It’s not just water weight, either … we’re also talking about 5 inches lost on average this week! If anything, we are eating MORE FOOD, MORE OFTEN than before! We’re supporting and motivating one another, trimming up, getting healthy, trading recipes, comparing notes, and looking forward to swimsuit season!

More participants are starting March 3 & 12, so if you want in, let me know! Have questions? Ask! This is about getting healthy and changing your lifestyle, not starving yourself until you reach a goal. Time to … Continue reading

My Thoughts on The Biggest Loser

*sigh* Reality TV is not that real. I think I have watched approximately ONE episode of The Biggest Loser – and maybe not even the whole thing; I was quite disgusted, my jaw was hanging open in disbelief and my husband had to turn it off for me. Getting and being healthy and losing weight does not look like this show portrays it to be. Health is a real, private issue that we need SUPPORT to achieve, not shaming. Not ‘weight loss at all costs’ kind of attitude. Just focus on being HEALTHY, people. Don’t starve yourself. Don’t dehydrate yourself. Don’t train for hours and hours a day without providing your body with the high quality nutritional FOOD and SLEEP your body needs to make and keep you healthy. And if your body REALLY needs a break, take a rest day! One day of eating MORE than you expend is not going to be a setback. In fact, it may help you reach your goals.

On Monday, I was able to hit a 195 bpm … Continue reading