Day 256 of My Transformation Journey | 90 Days with P90X3

P90X3-Transformation-Day-195-256Day 1, I slid that Total Synergistics DVD into the player and watched it as I laced up, had my E&E for that bit of extra UMPH, and stared with my jaw open just a little. Catching flies, my Grandmother would say. Yup, Tony Horton knows how to PUSH you, he knows fitness…and yet, he DOESN’T ask you to do anything that you are truly INCAPABLE of doing – only that you haven’t figured out how to accomplish YET! I backed up the DVD and turned on my HRM (Heart Rate Monitor), before I chickened out; certain I’d lost my mind but I was hellbent on SUCCESS. It was this or fail and remain fat, unhappy, and in pain. Failure by default was not an option!

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47 Days Left: Hold Plank for One More Minute Than You Did Yesterday

47 Days Left- Hold Plank for One More Minute Than You Did YesterdayWant a rock hard stomach and a strong core? Whether you practice holding a standard plank, a side plank, or the elbow plank, you’re on your way there. Now, you can’t spot reduce fat, but you can target and tone up specific muscles so when the fat burns off, you’re left with a sexy, toned core underneath.

If you’re holding a standard plank, here are some tips from expert Steve Edwards you’ll want to keep in mind so you get the best results.

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Day 291: Transformation Journey – Defying Limitations

defy your limitationsThis sounds about right. It is still hard for me to believe that this time last year I COULD NOT MOVE! Really. My physical therapist was slowly working to release a pinched sciatic nerve and just standing was difficult. She would work to manually MOVE the vertebras in my spinal column. It was so disheartening because I had recently made progress in my weight loss journey only to have it sabotaged by an inability to move. This was not some bad knee or busted ankle, this was right at my CORE. The part of your spine that determines if you can support your weight or even propel your leg forward. I sunk into depression and ate junky food like coke and chips (as well as my healthy food when someone would cook for me) and did not move. (Definitely not the best move for someone with #PCOS or pre #diabetes.)

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P90X3 Block 1 Results – 26 Days in

My end of block 1 P90X3 ResultsTHIS IS ME. 26 Days of P90X3. I have a ways to go still, and I’m doing the modifications all the way, but can you see the progress I have made in 26 DAYS?!? I feel good about myself. 5.25 inches and 1 pant size lost in 26 days!

Real Results from 1/3 of the program – IMAGINE what your results will be for the full 90 days?!? Before you start thinking that I am one of those chics that are blessed to drop pounds as soon as they start a fitness regime, let me assure you, I am not. I have PCOS, Insulin Resistance, AND Sciatica. I have to WORK for my accomplishments in baby steps. If this is something you are looking to accomplish, I URGE you to snag up this deal. This is IT!!! This is the LAST DAY to grab … Continue reading