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Every month I hold at least one fitness challenge that is geared to kick your butt into shape. Do you own a Beachbody program that’s sitting on a self collecting DUST? Not quite sure what to do with it or WHERE to start? Maybe you don’t have a program but your ready to take the first step… In either case I can HELP! If you’re ready to hit the NEW year ROCKING a sexy little black dress, or stroll the beach next summer sporting a new bikini and a hot toned body taking the challenge that COULD change your life!

Why wait for the first of a year to start making resolutions when you can start creating your success story today? Are ready to COMMIT to you, set some serious GOALS, and SEE results like never before? All you need is a fitness program and I will Coach you of FREE!

Anything sound FAMILIAR?

  • Whenever I start a healthy eating or exercise program, I stick with it for a little while but then I lose my motivation and quit.
  • I’m embarrassed to workout in front of others. I feel very self-conscious about my body since I have weight I need to lose.
  • I don’t have time to go to the gym and their class times are not convenient for my schedule.
  • I don’t have access to a gym or a good way to work exercise into my schedule.
  • I have a job, family, kids, pets, school, and/or other responsibilities so I just don’t have time to workout or eat healthy.
  • I just can’t seem to get my diet under control.
  • I want to lose weight and eat healthier but I’m just not sure how to actually make it happen.

Could you relate to one, two, or maybe ALL the statements above? This could be your YEAR! Look I’ve been there… it’s hard not being comfortable in your own skin! There’s nothing worse than trying to button up your pants and having that tight, uncomfortable, MISERABLE, feeling across your waist. It’s time for you to to take control of your life and get on track.

Whether you are looking to lose that last 10 pounds, tone up, or you just started your journey this private group will help you REACH your goals! We have a GAME plan that was DESIGNED to create AMAZING transformations… My Challenge Group is a comprehensive health and fitness solution that helps challengers get REAL RESULTS. It’s helped me, countless others, and it CAN help you too!

As an EXCLUSIVE member you’ll be part of a small private group of like minded people who are on a mission to work out, eat right, and reach their goals. I’m talking about breaking barriers!! Together we will support and motivate one another to reach for those “BIG Dreams” and cut out all the excuses! It’s time to shine on the outside the way we do on the inside.

Ready, set, go fill out the fitness challenge application and don’t forget to make me your FREE COACH! Have questions? You can contact me via any of the methods you see on this site, but you will likely have best results with Facebook!

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