Switch Coaches

Ready for a CHANGE? If you already have a Team Beachbody account it’s more than likely you already have a Coach. If you purchased a program or product you were probably assigned that coach without even realizing it, you may not even know who they are let alone ever spoke to them…. Or maybe someone gave you the link to sign up and they just aren’t the coach you thought they would be. Are you working with a coach but just not that happy, haven’t made a connection, or never even speak? Are you looking for someone who is more relate-able,  proactive, and present? Well look no further… I’m passionate about what I do and I believe in the power of you! I know what it’s like because I have been there, I’ve tried everything, and I have both failed and succeeded. If you are ready to take it to the next level, to commit to those results, and make some serious changes… we can take you there! Why go it alone when we can take this journey TOGETHER?!

No matter what your reason, making a coach change is a quick, easy, painless process! It’s as simple as sending a email. Just copy the information below and paste into the appropriate fields, hit SEND and contact me on Facebook!

TO: coachrelations@teambeachbody.com

CC: coach@billieanderson.com

SUBJECT: coach switch

MESSAGE: “Hi, my name is ________________(Your first and last name) My Email is Youremail@email.com. I would like to switch my BeachBody coach to Billie Anderson, coach ID 266663, email leighan [dot] anderson [at] gmail.com. Please make the switch as soon as possible and please notify me of the change. Thank you.”

It’s as easy as THAT! But don’t forget to contact me on facebook so that I can get you added into our private team group!

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